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Art Workshops

Today art workshops are known as a short-term session that highlights on a few important techniques or it is a way in which artists or art students can update themselves every now and then and also get to learn different techniques from different artists. But in the olden times artists were not exactly known as artists but they were known as traders who offered various services like painting, sculpturing, jewelry making, building construction which involved engineering and architecture like building temples and palaces and other important buildings, designing war weapons and machinery, etc.

In those days, artists could be afforded only by the elite classes like kings, ministers, merchants, etc.. and they were called to the customer’s place to make portraits; decorative woodwork like furniture, pillars, doors etc; build sculptures for decorative purpose out of stones, wood, or metal; make foundation plans to build a new building, etc. Some of these artists also would be in the offices of the royals and would work only for royals.

There was great demand for artists and they would get several prospective students who would work as apprentices for them. These apprentices would someday want to become great artists like their master and just like an entrance exam, the master artist before accepting them as a student would ask him a few questions or give a small test and if the prospective student passes it, he will be admitted as an apprentice. The life of an apprentice was not easy. They would never be allowed to touch anything related to art in the first few months or even for an year, till then they would have to serve the master by doing household chores like cleaning, cooking, running errands etc. After sometime he will be asked to do work like grinding pigments to make paints and preparing wooden panels for painting. The master will be observing the student all this while and come to know how dedicated and desirous the student is to learn the skills. Gradually the master will let those apprentices who are really dedicated and have better skills than others to assist him in his works. Not all apprentices would turn out to be great artists. These skills were the secrets that were taught only to those who the master felt is worthy enough to be taught. Once the student learns all the skills, he could open his own workshop and hire apprentices who could work under him. He will have to be accepted by his guild and then he will become a master artist. These master artists were extremely skilled after years of working hard.

Today the scenario has changed. The one who wants to learn art can join an art college or art workshop Melbourne instead and some of these students attend various art workshops conducted by experienced master artists to learn the skills and techniques. These workshops will be held on weekends, or a couple of days classes. Some students even now take up apprenticeship with some famous artists but they might not have to spend a lot of years with their teacher and serve for him before he will be taught the skills.

Its a changed world today unlike those olden days one can learn an art skill they wish to learn in weeks and master it in moths.