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Abstract Art in Classic Interiors

Just stick to the following tips:

  • Abstract paintings can help you build the right palette by repeating colors used by the artist in wood, fabrics or lighting.
  • Setting off heavily ornamented and old-fashioned design elements with a piece of abstract art will create an interesting and refreshing contrast.
  • Modern wall art ( fits together well with organic settings – for instance, when coupled with wood furniture.
  • Black and white abstract paintings will make a nice addition to a neutral palette.
  • Smaller pieces of abstract art placed off center will complement your table or cabinet decor, especially if you include some color play.
  • You can also group small abstractions together in an imaginative way to create a certain atmosphere in the room.
  • Consider using traditional wood or golden frames for your abstractions.
  • A curious visual effect can be achieved if you use abstract art as table decor by leaning it against the wall rather than hanging.
  • Finally, abstract art looks great in apartments with big windows and spectacular views.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Even if you inherited a 19th century mansion packed with whimsical architecture and quirky furniture, this is no reason to let your favorite abstract picture collect dust in the closet. You can still hang it over a luxurious rococo sofa and be proud of your sophisticated taste!

By the way, in case you haven’t chosen a perfect piece of abstract art for your apartment yet, we invite you to visit our online gallery where you can enjoy bright and beautiful paintings by famous modern artist Leonid Afremov and order any of them online if you wish. Known all over the world for his unique palette knife painting manner, Leonid uses cheerful colors and emotional strokes to express the beauty of small things. The themes of his works are very simple: a rainy day in the city, a quiet autumn park dressed in a light mist, a night prospect shining with hundreds of neon illuminations… Something you see almost every day, but rarely care to stop and pay attention. With Leonid Afremov canvases, the beauty of the surrounding world will always be close at hand! All you’ll have to do is come up to the picture on your wall and get a charge of positive emotions!