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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Art Workshops

Today art workshops are known as a short-term session that highlights on a few important techniques or it is a way in which artists or art students can update themselves every now and then and also get to learn different techniques from different artists. But in the olden times artists were not exactly known as artists but they were known as traders who offered various services like painting, sculpturing, jewelry making, building construction which involved engineering and architecture like building temples and palaces and other important buildings, designing war weapons and machinery, etc.

In those days, artists could be afforded only by the elite classes like kings, ministers, merchants, etc.. and they were called to the customer’s place to make portraits; decorative woodwork like furniture, pillars, doors etc; build sculptures for decorative purpose out of stones, wood, or metal; make foundation plans to build a new building, etc. Some of these artists also would be in the offices of the royals and would work only for royals.

There was great demand for artists and they would get several prospective students who would work as apprentices for them. These apprentices would someday want to become great artists like their master and just like an entrance exam, the master artist before accepting them as a student would ask him a few questions or give a small test and if the prospective student passes it, he will be admitted as an apprentice. The life of an apprentice was not easy. They would never be allowed to touch anything related to art in the first few months or even for an year, till then they would have to serve the master by doing household chores like cleaning, cooking, running errands etc. After sometime he will be asked to do work like grinding pigments to make paints and preparing wooden panels for painting. The master will be observing the student all this while and come to know how dedicated and desirous the student is to learn the skills. Gradually the master will let those apprentices who are really dedicated and have better skills than others to assist him in his works. Not all apprentices would turn out to be great artists. These skills were the secrets that were taught only to those who the master felt is worthy enough to be taught. Once the student learns all the skills, he could open his own workshop and hire apprentices who could work under him. He will have to be accepted by his guild and then he will become a master artist. These master artists were extremely skilled after years of working hard.

Today the scenario has changed. The one who wants to learn art can join an art college or art workshop Melbourne instead and some of these students attend various art workshops conducted by experienced master artists to learn the skills and techniques. These workshops will be held on weekends, or a couple of days classes. Some students even now take up apprenticeship with some famous artists but they might not have to spend a lot of years with their teacher and serve for him before he will be taught the skills.

Its a changed world today unlike those olden days one can learn an art skill they wish to learn in weeks and master it in moths.

Miniature Paintings

What is a miniature painting?

The word “miniature” is derived from the word ‘minimum’ which does not really relate to just the size of the image but uses a red lead paint (which has a pigment or a glue solution) to bring out the different colors and illuminate the image or manuscript. The details in the miniature paintings differentiate them from small paintings. With the help of a magnifying glass, you will be able to see the fine brush strokes used to perform this art. The miniature painting attracts viewers to see the minute details designed.

There are various painting techniques which are visible under a magnifying glass such as:

  • Pointillism
  • Stippling
  • Hatching, Cross Hatching, Contour Hatching
  • Scumbling
  • Smooth Shading
  • Three-dimensional

Though the Miniature Paintings contain every element of a larger picture like color composition, image clarity and other special effects, what sets them apart are the fine brush strokes and the tiniest design details.

This form of art requires a high degree of expertise and takes years to practice and perfect it. While working on miniature art, the artist must have absolute physical control on all his movements. This is very important because any shaky movement can divert the brush stroke leading to spoil the image. It is very important to have a good and tidy working space while doing miniature painting. Color consistency, precision and picture depth need to be in control.

In ancient India, there were various schools which taught the art of miniature painting illustrating different religions such as Buddhism and Jainism.

Hindu God “Budha” is a good example or an elaboration of paintings in today’s world. Budha Paintings are the symbolic representation for Buddhism. It is a devotional icon for Buddhist monks and for followers of Buddhism. The extant The extant Miniature Paintings are good examples of Budha Paintings. These belonged to the Bengal paintings and were painted on palm leaves depicting the manuscript of the Buddhist text. are good examples of Budha Paintings. These belonged to the Bengal paintings and were painted on palm leaves depicting the manuscript of the Buddhist text.

“Tibetan thangka” is a complicated and a three dimensional form of miniature Tibetan Budha Paintings on a cotton or silk cloth depicting the Buddhist God. It also depicts the life of Budha in a pictorial manner and is considered as an important learning tool.

Since these paintings depict a religion, all symbols and designs should be painted according to the rules based on the Buddhist scared scriptures. This requires the miniaturist to be trained and have a good knowledge of the religion.

Not only Budha painting but on an overall level, miniature painting is an art that is very rich in history continued all across the world.

Landscape Art Paintings

Now-a-days, Landscape artwork is a popular subject. The artwork primarily focuses on forests, rivers, trees etc. The landscape is an inseparable aspect of nature. The rising sun, the blooming flowers and the twilight of the butterflies mark the most amazing forms of landscape art. Night landscapes are currently very popular among the art lovers.

Landscape art gives an opportunity to see the whole world. It depicts the beauty of the heavens and representation of Mother Nature. These paintings revolutionized the whole world, and helped in bringing originality of the work of various artists. Most landscape paintings also withstood the test of time. These paintings are one of the most beautiful ways to exhibit the attraction of natural beauty. Landscapes are considered as one of the popular subject in the art field. These paintings depict the physical world around us and include mountains, vegetation, valleys and water.

Traditionally, Landscape was considered lower in status but currently it is very popular subject among various artists. Painting landscapes posed a great challenge and many artists rose to meet that challenge. Good artists can pick a landscape and turn it into an impressive painting. The more people appreciate a painting, the more chances you’re a winner. The painting techniques are important who wishes to make their painting impressive. Landscapes represent portrayals of the different scenery of nature like a forest, the beach, a river or anything else sin nature. It can represent an urban place, the rows of buildings, and the church. The goal of the landscape is to capture the very essence of a given place.

Landscape painting is an exact replication of the landscape seen by an artist. It involves the artist’s personal intuitions and the painting is an expression depicted by the artist. Creating a landscape painting involves portraying nature’s creation. It is a long process and may some takes hours or months to get completed. An artist captures beauty of a breathtaking landscape on canvas. A better painting composition involves everything seen by you in the landscape.

Landscape paintings help to appreciate the joy of nature. Everybody cannot go to the wonderful places depicted in these paintings. The beauty of the outdoors can be captured and brought to decorate the homes. You will be able to appreciate the outdoor beauty. You will have the chance to imagine the beautiful mountains, rivers and forests. Landscape paintings have been inspiring artists for centuries. Landscape is the best collector of artistic piece of work. Most artists have their own piece of artwork. However, nobody can deny the extreme popularity of these Art Paintings. These paintings are so fascinating that many artists got inspired to represent their work right away. Most artists have struggled to make their work eye-catching and get liked by the people. The beauty of a landscape painting is unique and it never dies.

The Drawing And Painting Classes

The drawing and painting classes could help a person develop himself. They offer a myriad of benefits and have shown to be successful in a variety of ways accounting to the overall development of the person. Art in fact is used as a form of therapy by using the creative process of art and having a lower barrier to entry since any individual could be imaginative in some form or another. These classes are particularly very good for the children as younger individuals are usually less capable and less comfortable expressing themselves through words.

No wonder, he drawing and art classes can be greatly beneficial for children, they can also be very helpful for the grownups. Using creative arts as a means of expression offers a lot of benefits. Creativity is appreciated everywhere from billboards to magazine advertisements, company logos to television commercials, creativity along with art are just as much a component of advertising as slogans. For instance, a person in Japan, who does not now English, might not be able to read the word Mc Donald’s but he can surely quickly recognize the firm’s Golden Arches.

Anybody can give art material to the child, be it a teacher, a parent or a friend and the child would learn to express those things which he cannot express through words. This gives children an opportunity to show themselves and a child feels good if they make something they are pleased with. The drawings or paintings of the child show what he feels about and what all child is going through.

Studies have shown that the students who take art courses generally have higher scores on the academic tests they take compared to those who do not engage themselves in such activities. It can be said the other way round that the children who take art classes perform better in their academic endeavors. The art no doubt tends to improve students’ numerical and verbal skills that can be seen as an icing on the cake who think that art is for mere cosmetic motives. Therefore, it is essential to know the traditional art media.

The process of creating an art piece with the help of computer might differ from painting, drawing or sculpturing, the basic mechanics stays the same. The drawing and painting classes help the children learn new things. Studying art prepares students to come out with their own unique art by way of their own chosen medium to express their inner desire.

Art no wonder is truly universal. It is one of its most effective strengths and it really can prove to be advantageous for every individual and each and every business. Art is also one of the most effective ways to connect across language and cultural barriers. This aspect makes it well suited for professional and business applications. For instance, the interiors designers are required o develop the rooms which are good to look at. For this, they need to have a good understanding of the artistic principles. This covers from how the actual furniture is arranged to the colors chosen for a room. Thus, the interior designers are needed to combine principles of design along with artistic creativity as well.

Thus, we agree that children should be encouraged to take up drawing and painting classes as they are helpful in their wholesome growth. Kids who are engaged in art also tend to perform better in their academics. Adults too can choose these classes to relax themselves from the day-to-day stress that the modern lifestyle brings. Art classes have a myriad of benefits to offer for both children and adults.