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Chinese Painting

Chinese paintings includes flowers and birds, landscape, figure paintings and so forth. Through brief introduction and appreciation of masterpieces, hope you will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the historical development and theoretical issues of Chinese painting. You will learn the basic technique of different brush works, through which you will understand the creative process of Chinese painting, and they will be encouraged to create your own works through the application of the technique and attempt to reform this traditional art form.

Four Gentlemen

The four gentlemen refer to the orchid, the bamboo, the chrysanthemum, and the plum blossom; they are metaphors of the gentleman with moral integrity.

Aquatic Life-Fishes

Artists used to make use of this painting topic to show their enthusiasm for ideal life.

Lotus and Coloring

Lotus represents a gentleman who stands out from the crowd. Painting styles and history of lotus painting will be favored. A contemporary artist Zhang Daqian has developed several new techniques in depicting the lotus.

Learn Art of Calligraphy

Calligraphy refers to an ancient design of writing. The word is derived from a Greek phrase that means beautiful handwriting and is also known as a kind of visual art. Though it is a very old form, it is still being practiced all over the world. Since it has been developed in many countries, a variety of styles are available today. These include Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Roman, English, and many more.

You need not be an artist or extremely creative to learn the art of fancy lettering. It is quite simple and can be mastered with consistent practice. The basics can learned on your own by following some simple instructions. Before you can start learning, you should select a particular style from the ones mentioned earlier. The Roman pattern is easy and would be ideal to start with. Also, you should know about the tools, lettering, alphabets and fonts used for this penmanship.

Required Tools

The tools consist of special pens, nibs, ink, and unique paper essential for scripting (or lined parchment paper). Pens can be either felt pens,

The Art Classes

The art classes really help your kids. The process of creating art benefits your kids in a wide variety of ways. Research has shown that the kind of art education that occurs during the art studio classes is instrumental in laying the groundwork for the future academic success or future career. Needless to say, the creative children have a better rounded and a wider perspective of the world. Such children are not afraid or shy to be expressive and their self-esteem is further strengthened through their artistic endeavors. The valuable learning cannot be achieved with just the left brain. The left side of the brain is vital to steering towards rational thinking and accuracy and the right side of the brain is devoted to artistic learning. The right side of the should not be pigeon-holed into being seen as largely optional or unnecessary as most of the people are of the wrong notion that it does not provide real benefits from childhood into adulthood.

The valuable learning or developing skills through an art studio classes are beneficial because the kids not only learn a novel

Tips Removal Graffiti

Ways to Graffiti Removal:

Painting Over
Painting over is taken to be one of the cheapest and simplest ways of getting rid of graffiti. All one has to do is choose a shade that will cover the graffiti well enough. Sometimes, the graffiti tends to bleed and make its way out over the paint. Ensure that this does not happen and only then choose a shade. Before starting out with the process though, remove as much of the previous graffiti as you can. This method works best on smooth surfaces that do not have many crevices.

Pressure Washing
This method works best on surfaces like wood and brick walls. In fact, it is one of the best ways to remove paint from brick. As the name suggests, the pressure of the water dispels the graffiti and clears the surface. For best results, the nozzle should be wide and the washer should have low pressure so that it covers a wider area and does not damage the surface with its force.

Chemical Solvents
One has to be extremely careful when one uses chemicals. If not used well, they can corrode the surface and damage it further. Here are certain factors that you

The TrustoCorp Art Collective

Since at least 2010, an artist or art collective called TrustoCorp has been creating artistic pranks satirizing American life and culture. TrustoCorp has managed to retain its anonymity despite receiving quite a bit of media coverage since its inception. At the time of this writing, the identity of the artists behind TrustoCorp remains unknown. In fact, no one even knows how many people belong to this collective. What we do know is that TrustoCorp’s satirical product labels and street signs seem to be a perfect fit with the world we live in.

In 2010, TrustoCorp started creating product labels and packaging and placing them in and amongst real products on store shelves. One humorous example was a soda can that the artists ‘stocked’ near sugary sodas in supermarkets. The gold, blue, and yellow can featured the TrustoCorp logo above the words ‘Nose Job in a Can’. Underneath the product’s title were printed instructions for use: ‘Step 1. Grab Can. Step 2. Smash Face’.

Along with satirical product labels, TrustoCorp has created imitation street signs and attached them to posts in cities across the US. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have discovered TrustoCorp’s signs on their

Characteristics of Cubism

The basics of cubism can be seen in another art movement known as pointillism and fauvism. Cubism is basically the art of creating abstract shapes of three dimensional objects on a two dimensional surface. An artist who wants to opt for cubism should be able to represent an object in multiple planes. Therefore, in simple terms, a cubist basically shows more than one layer/planes on a single piece of canvas. The overall look of a painting that is created in this style appears in the form of geometric shapes. And as it depicted in different layers, it gives an illusion of depth, giving the painting a 3-dimensional look – hence the name cubism. An artist uses the style of little cubes to depict an object or a person from different views.

Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque popularized this style by painting forms in distorted versions. A look at their paintings reveal how these two geniuses cut up space in different planes to create a composition. Upon observation, the paintings of these artists show the use of geometric shapes and the use of edges. These paintings are not based on the basic theories of art that make

Amedeo Modigliani

The bohemian artist Amedeo Modigliani was a very complicated personality. However, going by Picasso’s comment about never seeing him drunk anywhere except ‘at the corners of the boulevard Montmartre and the boulevard Raspail’, it seems he made an extra-special effort to be obnoxious. When he forgot to keep up appearances, he could be a charming and soft-spoken man, who was popular with the ladies and could converse intelligently on a variety of topics. He was very fond of poetry, particularly that of Lautreamont, the man who wrote ‘Maldoror’, a copy of which Modigliani always carried everywhere with him. He was an excellent painter and sculptor – if not as daringly innovative as some of his contemporaries, then with a distinct individuality expressed in the trademark sensual elongations of the face and neck.

Known as ‘Modi’ to his friends and ‘Dedo’ to his family, he was born in Livorno, Italy on 12 July 1884, the fourth and youngest child of Flaminio Modigliani and his wife Eugenia. Flaminio was an unsuccessful businessman with a small money-changing enterprise, while Eugenia, an unconventional and strong woman, ran an experimental school and was known for her somewhat radical political views. Her views filtered down

The Hellenistic Art

Hellenistic Period Art: History and Characteristics
◾ The years following the demise of Alexander the Great saw his generals take over the reins of his widespread empire by dividing it into smaller kingdoms. For instance, Ptolemy took charge of Egypt and the Middle East, whereas Seleucus got hold of Syria and Persia.
◾ The regions, though separate, were unified when it came to adapting Greek culture, education, language, and lifestyles, commissioning extravagant sculptures, mosaics, and other artwork, and investing heavily in building libraries, universities, and museums.
◾ The Hellenistic World is an umbrella term, which refers to the geographic reach of the Greek Empire, along with the roughly 300-year period it covered. Hellenistic Art is hard to be contained in a definition, but is used to refer to all the artistic designs and concepts which emerged and were established during this time.

Hellenistic Architecture
◾ Hellenistic cities were rather expansive, and comprised several dedicated recreational areas like parks, museums, and even zoos. These cities were meticulously planned, confirming to the natural settings of the region.
◾ In the instance of Pergamon, the Greeks built a colossal complex, which included structures used to house their political, administrative, and

Arts and Crafts

Since it is so much fun and can actually be useful, it is no wonder why arts and crafts are so popular for many people. However, if you want to truly have fun with it, there are some things you need to know. Read on for some useful arts and crafts information.

Incorporate recycling into your arts and crafts activities. No matter what you are into, from ceramics to oil paints, there are many ways to involve using objects and supplies that you would have otherwise thrown away. Save paper, tinfoil, aluminum, cardboard and more and stash it away for your next project.

Browsing the internet for new ideas is a great way to expand your arts and crafts skills. You can see what other crafters are creating and gain a new perspective on what you can create with your crafting skills. So go online to find new ways to expand your creativity when you are doing your favorite craft or hobby.

Get your kids involved with your next arts and crafts project. Kids love to play and learn, and a cool family project will do all that and more. It makes for an exceptional

Art Workshops

Today art workshops are known as a short-term session that highlights on a few important techniques or it is a way in which artists or art students can update themselves every now and then and also get to learn different techniques from different artists. But in the olden times artists were not exactly known as artists but they were known as traders who offered various services like painting, sculpturing, jewelry making, building construction which involved engineering and architecture like building temples and palaces and other important buildings, designing war weapons and machinery, etc.

In those days, artists could be afforded only by the elite classes like kings, ministers, merchants, etc.. and they were called to the customer’s place to make portraits; decorative woodwork like furniture, pillars, doors etc; build sculptures for decorative purpose out of stones, wood, or metal; make foundation plans to build a new building, etc. Some of these artists also would be in the offices of the royals and would work only for royals.

There was great demand for artists and they would get several prospective students who would work as apprentices for them.

Miniature Paintings

What is a miniature painting?

The word “miniature” is derived from the word ‘minimum’ which does not really relate to just the size of the image but uses a red lead paint (which has a pigment or a glue solution) to bring out the different colors and illuminate the image or manuscript. The details in the miniature paintings differentiate them from small paintings. With the help of a magnifying glass, you will be able to see the fine brush strokes used to perform this art. The miniature painting attracts viewers to see the minute details designed.

There are various painting techniques which are visible under a magnifying glass such as:

  • Pointillism
  • Stippling
  • Hatching, Cross Hatching, Contour Hatching
  • Scumbling
  • Smooth Shading
  • Three-dimensional

Though the Miniature Paintings contain every element of a larger picture like color composition, image clarity and other special effects, what sets them apart are the fine brush strokes and the tiniest design details.

This form of art requires a high degree of expertise and takes years to practice and perfect it. While working on miniature art, the artist must have absolute physical control on all his movements. This is very important because any shaky movement can

Landscape Art Paintings

Now-a-days, Landscape artwork is a popular subject. The artwork primarily focuses on forests, rivers, trees etc. The landscape is an inseparable aspect of nature. The rising sun, the blooming flowers and the twilight of the butterflies mark the most amazing forms of landscape art. Night landscapes are currently very popular among the art lovers.

Landscape art gives an opportunity to see the whole world. It depicts the beauty of the heavens and representation of Mother Nature. These paintings revolutionized the whole world, and helped in bringing originality of the work of various artists. Most landscape paintings also withstood the test of time. These paintings are one of the most beautiful ways to exhibit the attraction of natural beauty. Landscapes are considered as one of the popular subject in the art field. These paintings depict the physical world around us and include mountains, vegetation, valleys and water.

Traditionally, Landscape was considered lower in status but currently it is very popular subject among various artists. Painting landscapes posed a great challenge and many artists rose to meet that challenge. Good artists can pick a landscape and turn it into

The Drawing And Painting Classes

The drawing and painting classes could help a person develop himself. They offer a myriad of benefits and have shown to be successful in a variety of ways accounting to the overall development of the person. Art in fact is used as a form of therapy by using the creative process of art and having a lower barrier to entry since any individual could be imaginative in some form or another. These classes are particularly very good for the children as younger individuals are usually less capable and less comfortable expressing themselves through words.

No wonder, he drawing and art classes can be greatly beneficial for children, they can also be very helpful for the grownups. Using creative arts as a means of expression offers a lot of benefits. Creativity is appreciated everywhere from billboards to magazine advertisements, company logos to television commercials, creativity along with art are just as much a component of advertising as slogans. For instance, a person in Japan, who does not now English, might not be able to read the word Mc Donald’s but he can surely quickly recognize the firm’s Golden Arches.

Anybody can give art material to the child,

Abstract Art in Classic Interiors

Just stick to the following tips:

  • Abstract paintings can help you build the right palette by repeating colors used by the artist in wood, fabrics or lighting.
  • Setting off heavily ornamented and old-fashioned design elements with a piece of abstract art will create an interesting and refreshing contrast.
  • Modern wall art ( fits together well with organic settings – for instance, when coupled with wood furniture.
  • Black and white abstract paintings will make a nice addition to a neutral palette.
  • Smaller pieces of abstract art placed off center will complement your table or cabinet decor, especially if you include some color play.
  • You can also group small abstractions together in an imaginative way to create a certain atmosphere in the room.
  • Consider using traditional wood or golden frames for your abstractions.
  • A curious visual effect can be achieved if you use abstract art as table decor by leaning it against the wall rather than hanging.
  • Finally, abstract art looks great in apartments with big windows and spectacular views.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Even if you inherited a 19th century mansion packed with whimsical architecture and quirky furniture, this is no

Art Projects for Kids

If you find your kids digging deep inside their art projects, just let them as art is one of the greatest activities. By drawing painting or gluing up, they learn and develop essential ways. Through art and craft projects, children derive several important benefits while making a beautiful mess. These creative activities are worthwhile.

Kids love to perform art or create something using different materials. It is a sort of fun for them and it is good for their overall development. Let us know how art projects for kids can help in their personality and brain development. But before that, let us what are the activities that they enjoy the most.

Art History







Oil Pastel


These are just a few examples of what kids usually like to do in art classes. The benefits of this creativity are:

Crafts like drawing, painting, cutting, coloring and many more require your child to use his both hands together. This proves helpful in other areas of their lives as they continue to perform other

The different types of art


Art Material
It is said that painting is the art of depicting the beauty of nature. For some, painting could be a medium of expressing their feelings. For others, it could be a way of depicting the surroundings they observe. Painting is basically an art of applying pigment to a surface (medium) like canvas, paper, wall, wood panel, etc. Brush is a tool commonly used for painting.

Landscape Painting
There are many different forms of painting. Landscape painting and abstract painting are the common types of painting. The classification of paintings is done based on different criteria.

Type Of Social Art
One of the criterion used for classifying the visual arts is the purpose for which they are created. The purpose of indulging into arts could be self-expression, profit-making, religion or giving a social message.

Types Based on Subject Matter
Generally the subjects chosen for painting are nature, people, wildlife, objects, events, places, etc. The subject matter or topic chosen for creation of artworks is therefore, one of the important criteria for classifying visual arts.

Watercolor Painting
Based on the medium or materials used, paintings can be classified into different types such as acrylic, watercolor, mural, etc.
A sculpture is

Contemporary Art Paintings

We live in an age where we create art for arts’ sake. The point of art is to appeal to our senses and bring beauty into our lives. Art is on canvas the picture what we see around us, it is also an expression of who we are. We need not create art to express ourselves, but the display of art in our houses and personal spaces is also very telling of who we truly are. These days it has become rather easy to buy art paintings as there are many sites online and in stores in our local neighbourhood to check out as well. Of course, sitting at home and browsing through some of the best work out there in the world is very enticing.

Using art around the home

One of the best places to use contemporary abstract art is around the house – especially if you are the kind of person who loves minimalist but chic decor. Taking pride in your home is a good thing, and you can showcase through the exemplary art that you have displayed as well. But you cannot simply put up random art pieces around your house. This

Creative Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy Art is a visual art to represent lettering of any language in unique designs by artists of calligraphy designs, a contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as, “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner,

There are approximately all languages have own style of calligraphy art as officials or designs by designers with their very professional physical skills of creation and arts,

Here are some of most useful calligraphy art languages, which are following: Arabic, English, Chinese, Georgian, Islamic, Indian, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Italian, Mongolian, Tibetan and western.

Computer calligraphy art is also very unique and most useful art in now days in any type of branding, and presentations, like logos, banners, posters, advertisings, and other sign boards, they create these calligraphy art by Top Typography fonts, and are you interested to check 100+ Perfect Calligraphy Logo Inspirations 2016, You can best inspiration from here of 2016,

The Basic and main important tools for a calligrapher to do calligraphy art are the pen and the brush. Calligraphy pens write with nibs that may be flat, round, or pointed. For some decorative purposes, multi nipped pens steel brushes

Indian Art

India has a long history of art – be it fine or performance arts. The country has produced some of the finest painters, sculptors, photographers, and dramatists. Though Indian has always been appreciated all over the globe, the focus was more on traditional and folk art like Pattachitra and Madhubani. Over the years, however, the situation has changed and Indian contemporary has been appreciated and artists like M.F. Hussain, Anjolie Ela Menon, Satish Gujral, and Manjit Bawa have seen tremendous commercial success.

There has also been an impressive increase in the number of fairs, exhibitions, and auctions in the country. India has also participated in Venice Biennale and Christie has held art auctions in the country. All of these augur well for the art scene in India and certainly encourages the upcoming artists to focus on their work because they are now aware that there is no dearth of art lovers who can appreciate good art when they see it.

Indian art galleries have played a significant role in popularising the works of contemporary artists in the country and abroad. By offering new and seasoned artists the platform to display their work to the public, they

Art Made of Fruit Carving Apple

Apples are one of the fruits that are pretty easy and at the same time fun to carve due to its patterned skin and the wonderful contrast it gives. Plus, you can almost always find them at the market and this makes them such a popular choice for fruit carving. Petite, easy to carve and delicious to eat – a real paradise to the mouth.

Apple Monsters

Looking for unique treat ideas for the following Halloween? These cute but at the same time horrifying apple teeth could do the trick. Made with mini marshmallows, these amazing grins will easily be children’s most favorite treat they got.

Small Apple Pies

How about you carve out your apples and refill them with pie filling? The ideal mini yet healthy desert. The perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family while watching your favorite movie.

Apple Sandwiches

Looking for an interesting way to make your children eat their fruit while at school? This idea will intrigue them and will definitely do the trick. Made with peanut butter, chocolate chips and granola, these